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Developing people into top talent above the job market competition.

Our Program


Career Services Solutions

BeTalentful provides career services solutions that people follow to develop into top talent for hire above the job market competition.


Our solutions help people find the right job, choose the right career, pursue the right education, grow in the right career, and more.


Whether you are unemployed seeking a job, employed seeking a change, a student pursuing an education, or still exploring careers, BeTalentful can help you throughout your career journey.

What will I learn?

Depending on your career needs, you will learn the BeTalentful way in how to do the following career services solutions:

  • Professional Email: Create and manage a professional email

  • Resumé Building: Create basic, targeted, and other resumés

  • Market Presence: Make a strong presence in the job market

  • Job Searching: Search for jobs like employers search for hires

  • Professional Networking: Build and grow a network of people

  • Interviewing: Best practices to do before, during, and after

  • Career Exploring: Choose a career based on personality

  • Education Planning: Plan an education path to your career

  • Career Exposure: Gain career exposure while in school

  • Personal Development: Develop qualities employers value

  • Career Planning: Plan a career path towards success

  • Job Assurance: Find a job anytime, no matter what happens

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What is included?

Our career services system includes the following:

  • Learning Programs: Short lessons with videos and activities

  • Career Management: A profile to track and manage progress

  • Career Assessment: To help evaluate or choose your career

  • Career Coaching: Live coaches to help you achieve your goals

  • Career Support: Live support to help with using our program

  • Career Endorsement: An endorsement towards getting hired

  • Mobile App: Our app is available across all mobile devices

Why BeTalentful?

What makes us different from others includes the following:

  • Our solutions are simple, affordable, convenient, and proven

  • Our program is friendly to people across all demographics

  • 15+ years in the education, HR, and job services industries

  • Our program is composed in a way not taught traditionally

  • Our program may be done at your pace and on your time

  • People learn to make a stronger presence in the job market

  • People learn to job search like employers search for hires

  • People learn to develop qualities that employers value
  • People find a job anytime, no matter the circumstances of life

  • Our membership prices are unmatched plus cancel anytime

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Business Operations Manager at Verizon

While achieving my education at Seton Hall University, I was highly interested in getting an internship at Google in California. Since I was the first person in my family to attend college, I did not know a lot of things about the college to career journey, such as the value of a resume and how to establish myself on the job market at that moment and have a job inline by the time I graduate...My career coach helped me create my resume and establish myself on the job market to better position myself for internships while in college and full-time employment upon graduation. My career coach helped me maximize my job market exposure that enabled recruiters to contact me, as well as articulate my story online and to employers through interview coaching. This helped me land the internship at Google in California that I was hoping to gain. Later on, my career coach helped me find my career using their foundational methods, and I am very happy with my career and have been appreciated by my company. My career coach played a key role in my career development...My career coach helped me grow in other areas of life, as well.

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Mobile App

BeTalentful is available via our website and mobile app. Download our app today!

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Are you unemployed seeking a job, employed seeking a change, a student preparing for a career, or exploring to find a career to pursue?

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Are you a high school, college, university, trade school, technical school, training school, specialty school, or other type of school?

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Are you an employment services agency, a nonprofit organization, state government unemployment agency, career coach or life coach?

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Join today and get started!

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