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About Us

BeTalentful provides solutions across the human capital spectrum, from the career development of people to the career services departments of schools to the human resources departments of organizations and beyond, by combining career services solutions and human resources solutions previously provided since 2009.

BeTalentful provides career services solutions that people follow to develop into top talent for hire above the job market competition. Our solutions help people find the right job, choose the right career, pursue the right education, grow in the right career, and more. Whether you are unemployed seeking a job, employed seeking a change, a student pursuing an education, or still exploring careers, BeTalentful can help you throughout your career journey. Career services departments of schools and organizations that provide employment services use our career services solutions, as well.

BeTalentful provides human resources solutions that help transform HR departments of organizations into operating faster, easier, and cheaper to serve employees better by leveraging technology, automating processes, and developing people to perform better using HR systems. Whether you need to implement, adopt, optimize, or administrate an HR system, BeTalentful can help you transform HR.

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Our History

In 2009, we started to primarily provide human resources solutions while providing career services solutions as a byproduct, previously as a company named AmericaJobLink.


Since then, we provided our human resources solutions to Fortune 500 business clients including Novo Nordisk, Stryker, CBRE, and more, while providing our career services solutions to help people develop into top talent for hire above the job market competition.


In 2017, we formally established the career services solutions division of AmericaJobLink and started adding schools and organizations that provide career services as business clients, while still providing our human resources solutions to business clients.


We realized that helping people with their careers on a one-on-one basis was taking too much time, money, and effort.


So, in 2022, we launched a career development management system composed of our career services solutions, now available online to serve people from a one-on-one basis to a larger scale nationwide.

By combining our human resources solutions and career services solutions, we rebranded to BeTalentful as a human capital solutions company providing solutions across the human capital spectrum.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve people, schools, and organizations with the right solutions to empower human capital as a critical asset.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect people, schools, and organizations via our solutions as a standard in cultivating human capital to develop into a more talented competitive workforce in a global economy.

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