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Jonthan Galeano Pic.jpg
Jonthan Galeano Pic.jpg


Business Operations Manager at Verizon

While achieving my education at Seton Hall University, I was highly interested in getting an internship at Google in California. Since I was the first person in my family to attend college, I did not know a lot of things about the college to career journey, such as the value of a resume and how to establish myself on the job market at that moment and have a job inline by the time I graduate...My career coach helped me create my resume and establish myself on the job market to better position myself for internships while in college and full-time employment upon graduation. My career coach helped me maximize my job market exposure that enabled recruiters to contact me, as well as articulate my story online and to employers through interview coaching. This helped me land the internship at Google in California that I was hoping to gain. Later on, my career coach helped me find my career using their foundational methods, and I am very happy with my career and have been appreciated by my company. My career coach played a key role in my career development...My career coach helped me grow in other areas of life, as well.

LETI Logo.jpg
LETI Logo.jpg


Founder and CEO of Latino Educational Training Institute


In their mission to provide people with a better way to develop a career and find a job anytime, no matter the circumstances of life, BeTalentful has supported the independent growth of our clients and members of the LETI family. Their career services workshops and their support of our ongoing programs, like the Latino Leadership Initiative and Total Wellness for Women, inspire Latino college students to make a change in their community and motivate Latina women to break cultural convention and be educated leaders in their own right. This shows that BeTalentful understands the importance of cultivating the next generation of leaders in the Latino community, and this goes beyond the colleges that participate in our Latino Leadership Initiative - Edmonds College, University of Washington (Bothell Campus), and Skagit Valley College - as their mission brought them to campuses like Everett Community College. However, their mission isn’t only in service for Latino youth, it is for all Latinos regardless of age. We are very appreciative for the lives that BeTalentful has touched, and helped them become the best versions of themselves.

Maylin Pic 2.jpg
Maylin Pic 2.jpg


Production Coordinator at Steamroller Technologies

I was a recent graduate, coming up to a year since I earned my bachelor’s degree and I was really struggling to find an entry-level position in my field. A family member referred me to BeTalentful and I decided to do the Plus subscription to get a more personal career coaching experience. I was paired with an awesome coach who guided me through the various learning programs, especially the Job Searching and Career Exploring programs. They helped me work on my resume and gave me insight into all of the different ways I could broaden my job search, and very soon, I was offered an amazing position right from my first interview. I cannot thank BeTalentful enough for all the amazing knowledge and great encouragement they’ve provided!

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Awakening Your Destiny Logo.jpg


Co-Founder of Awakening Your Destiny

Their coach is a coach of coaches...Their career coach is able to guide people into long lasting stability and success…Their coach is able to adequately point out strengths in people as well as encourage them to focus in their potential and don’t let their weaknesses absorb them…Lives have radically changed for the better…My sincere pleasure to give the highest of recommendations…Their coach imparts to others qualities and knowledge resulting in a much better community.

Testimony 2.png


Salesforce Systems Administrator at CRS Temporary Housing

My career coach was naturally skilled in coaching, career matching, and resume building. In the process of relocating to the Seattle area, as I was looking for a new career, my career coach helped me promote my LinkedIn profile, format my resume in a marketable way, and with other helpful tips like how to write thank you emails. I found contracted work immediately, and then I gained steady employment in a little over a month after relocating...My career coach provided a clear insight on the steps to take while job hunting...My career coach goes above and beyond assisting you in finding a new career path.

Senior Book Club


Founder and CEO at Applewood Home Care


BeTalentful usually helps people in their careers with employers. Being a small business owner is my actual career and they were still able to help me with their expertise. At the time, I needed help to expand my business, a residential adult home care center. They helped me find and use the right resources and better position myself financially which will allow my organization to expand and potentially gain more business and give more people jobs. I highly recommend BeTalentful to anyone needing help with their careers, including small business owners in which running a business is a career on its own.



Teacher at The Goddard School

BeTalentful gave me the most professional career services that I have ever used. I was in the process of relocating to another state and did not know how soon I was able to find a job after relocating. They helped me from the beginning process, such as signing up and tutorials about their programs. The career coach was courteous to set up accounts on job searching sources for me, as well as helped me use features of job searching sources that I did not know existed! I was able to meet with the career coach at times that were convenient for me. Eventually, in just a few weeks, I didn't find just any job, I found a job that continued my career in what I was doing before relocating. Thank you BeTalentful for being so patient, kind, and well explained throughout the process of getting the new job!



Customer Service Representative at Tiger Companies


The work we did was very helpful...My career coach helped me update my resume in a way I was able to get recognized by employers and get out there again. It definitely also helped me understand that I do in fact have a lot of experience to offer to future employers and to be successful...I did not know how to proceed in my career path. I found a job and am currently working on getting enrolled (for school).

Pam Foust Pic.jpg
Pam Foust Pic.jpg


WorkFirst Program Manager serving Washington State Department of Social and Health Services for Service Alternatives


The career coach is a joy to work with...The career coach is enthusiastic and determined to help clients succeed...The career coach has creative solutions to help clients gain skill, experience and hope that will help them get jobs and manage their lives. I would highly recommend.

Vic Chester.jpg


Information Security Engineer at Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


My career coach provided me with resume writing tips that were instrumental in securing a position at SecureWorks for Dell...I was able to streamline my resume positioning myself as a viable candidate in the highly competitive information security market. I would highly recommend.

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